Wednesday, May 23, 2007

huffing and puffing (part 2)

"Man that lighting guy gets some goood shit... whoa... the lights are, like, flashing so FAST, man.... like the sun is getting it on... with a giant disco ball..."

"Oh, pepperoni Snickers pizza, why did you have to go away so soon?"

"Omigod I can't feel my chin... I have no chin! Dontfreakoutdontfreakoutdontfreakout..."

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TryMyDmi said...

In the first picture, do you think she has an elbow on the back of her neck? Maybe a knee or two? Or are all of her body parts shaped from arms? Or is it rib cages? I can't freaking tell anymore!

I know the second girl, she came to one of my art shows and stood there just like that. Her face never actually changes, even when her boyfriend Peter asked her to marry him, she had that same face on, a mix of total apathy and forgetting to remember to think.

And I can't believe the third one started runwaying! Last time I saw her was in Germany, she was doing self mutilation pornographic performance art with hardcore techno loops blasting. She poured hot wax all over her naked body and cut her arms with various sharp objects. I guess people do change for the better.