Thursday, May 10, 2007

fifth elementary, my dear watson!

John Galliano Menswear A/W 07

Now Watson, one can hardly blame this fellow for trying to hang himself. Nonetheless, it is my hypothesis that if we incinerate this creature in a massive spaceship explosion, rescue his hand from the rubble, and rebuild a new being from the genetic remains, not only will we find the motive behind this most confounding display... we'll get Milla Jovovich! What do you think? Let's invite him 'round Baker Street tomorrow and have a go, shall we? See if that Perry fellow--yes, lad with the sideburns, Dylan is it? Luke?--can pop in a cameo and do some quick charcoal renderings to chronicle the investigation. Oh, and tell him to wear his safari pants--those Jodhpurs are so hot for fall.

The Fifth Element / Columbia Pictures


PoPpYcOcK! said...

This looks like something out of Mugatu's DERELICT collection. Were's the road cone bra???

Misopogon said...

Out of work Jedi?

-the Step Ex-2nd Cousin Twice Removed, but keeps coming back