Sunday, May 6, 2007

do you haiku?

menswear flashes bits
of electric blue for fall
but where is blue steel?

(this poem is officially dedicated to flo and tone. haute fuzz salutes you.)


TryMyDmi said...

I think the gloves are essential here, very crucial part of the outfit because ultimately it's all about driving and driving fast! Wearing electric blue speedos! It's about hot leather car seats and hot leather steering wheel covers and hot huge leather bags of stolen lingerie in the passenger seat next to you, and it's about getting to your villa as fast as you can to begin the sniffing. It's about freedom to move around without any restrictions! It's about saying NO to male skirts and bonding with the ocean wave! It's about electric power that is of blue color! It's about not having to wear sleeve protectors!

poppycock! said...

Paco de Taco up there doesn't look like he's got much of an banana in his hammock. Perhaps he's carrying it in his gianormous man-bag?