Wednesday, September 5, 2007

wanderlusty lady

Haute Fuzz will be off the next 3 weeks whilst we travel to the fashion centers of the universe--Paris, London, Milan--to... uh... conduct research... yeah, that's it... research...

Je cherche une veste en cuir violet de vintage.

J'aime picoler. Trinquons!

J'ai mal aux cheveux.

So here's a lil' something--call it a parting gift--to keep you warm until HF returns with the *new* spring runways!

Crocheting cowboys, eat your heart out.

did you watch idol last night?

Fishlady, you know I've been such a fan of you, ever since your first audition back at Pi-hahiroth. But this competition is about finding the next Golden Idol... and frankly your Candle in the Wind just didn't hold a karat to the Calf's Lady Marmalade.