Friday, October 24, 2008

summer of blank

Let us travel back in time to the summer of 1990...

Groove was in the heart and everything was Deee-Lite-ful! Janet Jackson wanted to take us on an Escapade. Digital Underground looked like MC Hammer on crack doing the Humpty Hump and MC Hammer... well, we've already gone there. Mariah Carey had a Vision of Love, and we did too, because back then she was a brunette and we didn't know yet that once she went honey she would cease to evolve for the next two decades. We also did not anticipate Glitter. But oh yes, Summer 1990... Nothing compares to you. (How convenient, Sinead.)

That's right, dear Summer 1990... you showed us Mel Gibson's butt double in Bird on a Wire, and finally let us find out what happened to our favorite time-travelling butterfly-effecting teen heartthrob Marty McFly and his DeLorean. You answered our prayers to continue the stories of Die Hard and Robocop, and even though no one asked for them you also gave us sequels to 48 Hours, Gremlins and Young Guns. We became scared to death of spiders from Venezuela, and of being betrayed by our best friend in a plot to steal our access codes to launder some money at the bank and then having to feel up girlfriends via Whoopi Goldberg for the rest of our afterlives.

And then there was Dick Tracy. The movie... the soundtrack... Madonna... and the McDonalds scratch-off game! Having gone on a family "driving trip" that Summer O' '90, HF was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stop at every McDonalds from Maryland to Maine, and to play the scratch-off so many times that we figured out the winning scratch for each different card (Flat Top always wins). All except one... the $25,000 instant win... We could never get The Blank.

Until now...

Martin Margiela S/S 09

At last, we have resolved our unfinished business from the beloved Summer of 1990.

Now if only they'd stop making Die Hard sequels.

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