Thursday, October 9, 2008

a fashion fable

HF wants to tell you a story, boys and girls, about an ant and a grasshopper.

All summer long, the grasshopper went picnic-hopping, singing songs and spinning music for the country girls with their gingham rompers and heart-shaped sunglasses as they skipped and jumped, making garlands of flowers and getting drunk off strawberry mojitos and then accidentally sitting on the flower garlands. The ant, meanwhile, also had picnic alerts delivered to his Blackberry. But instead of frolicking with the models and developing a coke habit, the ant was hard at work, stealing bits of food and taking pictures of the girls when they weren't looking.

Soon, autumn arrived, and it was time for the ant and the grasshopper to show at fashion week. The ant showed a full collection of 47 picnic-inspired looks, which got mixed reviews and were for the most part deemed well executed but unmemorable.

But the grasshopper had spent all her time frittering away, and didn't have enough designs to show...

"The third model is already walking! Where are the rest of the garments?!"

"We don't have any garments!"

"Holy perforated leather! No garments?! Whatever will we do?"

"Wait! I've got an idea! Something me and the girls used to do when we didn't have time to get dressed..."

The grasshopper grabbed some fabric.

"But shouldn't we at least belt it or something?"

"There's no time!"

"But you can see the raw edges!"

"There's no time I say. NO TIME! Go Flavia! Go Danijela! Zuzana and Eden! On Hollis! Olesya! Vika and Blitzen!"

Vivienne Westwood S/S 09

Now children, what is the moral of this story?

There is a time for work, and a time for play.
But rarely is there a good time to wear Vivienne Westwood.

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