Tuesday, October 30, 2007

or you could go as...

K, the third Blockhead, who was ostracized from Gumby's inner circle after going to a rave with some club kids and getting addicted to ecstasy, crystal meth AND glitter just by looking at them...

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(In case you missed that episode...)

"That's right, K! You take your drugs and your glitter and don't come back!"

After that, K was even sadder than Eeyore.

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...for about 30 minutes, then the pill kicked in and she was good to go!

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Misopogon said...

Borg assimilations don't always go according to plan. Take NCRR38106, for example. Rather than growing her killer cyborg eye-patch, when this drone joined the collective, we accidentally turned her head into an exact replica of our ships.