Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, it's officially The Week Before Halloween, which means we can officially start stuffing our faces with candy, dentists everywhere can rejoice at the promise of enough cavities to pay for their daughters' nose jobs, and the rest of us can break out those costumes we put so much effort into last year we that just have to wear again. We can also start telling ghost stories. Yes... ghost stories... Gather round, children. Everything I'm about to tell you is true...

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, it was dark. Except under the streetlights. Okay so it wasn't particularly dark. But it had rained earlier that day. There was a house up on a hill by the woods, overgrown with bushes and weeds and smelling dankly of mold and neglect. All the neighborhood children were afraid of this house. Those who dared to venture within its shadowy eaves claimed they saw ghosts of the animals who drowned in the swimming pool over the summer. But inside the house, an eight-year-old girl was getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. She was fully costumed as A Business Woman, complete with a briefcase, mascara, and a navy blue skirt suit that was actually sized to fit an eight-year-old. The costume was her own idea. She also wore matching navy pumps.

Scared yet?

Lean into the fire, kids... there's more.

The girl's older sister had agreed at the last minute to take her trick-or-treating. But there was the dilemma of finessing a costume on such short notice. So she untied the rotting hammock from its slimy tree at the edge of the woods and threw it over her parka--she would go as a B-Movie Fisherman Who Had Been Attacked By a Fishing Net. But little did she know that the evil fishing net was real, and was eagerly awaiting the right moment to attack again.



jesus todd said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha, I'm terrified!

Tamaranian boy said...

when i was a kid i had trouble buttoning my shirt. i'm glad to see that it became high fashion. rather than post for all entries i'll post here. I LOVE looking at fashion now thank you tamara.