Friday, June 15, 2007

come to my slumber party

We can do each other's toenails with this super cool galactic glitter nail polish I got at the mall. And we can do each other's hair! Speaking of hair, ever since we started junior high I've been noticing all this gross hair on my face and chest. Eww! But I got the lastest issue of Seventeen, and they've got a whole page on different ways to get rid of hair. Like, I got really nervous and shaved mine last week because I had to work on this project with this guy in my Algebra class who is sooooo cute and I was worried he would notice, but Seventeen says we can use bleach too! And something called waxing and depilatories. They also have all these tips for making your cleavage look bigger. We can try them all out while we watch Lost In Space! Matt LeBlanc is soooo dreamy.

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Flo said...

And watch Dirty Dancing while our nails dry and the depilatory is setting!