Friday, June 8, 2007

royal airness

This week HF has asked for a lot of audience participation--cooking, sing-a-longs, charitable donations--and we're going to go ahead and stick with it to close out the week.

Last night the Fuzz attended the NY Regional Finals of the US Air Guitar Championships, where we witnessed some righteous rockin', sockin', and mockin' from the likes of Bjorn Turoque, Hysteria, Shreddy Mercury, Rock Hard, a Patrick Swayze look-alike and a 65-yr-old man. And also quite a bit of absolute suckage that even the most gravity-defying mullets could not hide. Though crowd favorite and the night's winner William Ocean came ready to rock in sequins, McEnroe shorts and a white dickie, he neglected to achieve the same degree of supreme Airness we expected from him after last year's US Finals somersaulting, can-crushing, crowd-surfing, AIR shaved into his chest, "should've won" performance against Hot Lixx Houlihan:

Now that's air! The 2007 National Championships are in August and I don't know about you, but Sally here wants to compete:

She's got the hair, she's got the leather, she's got the stock and she's ready to rock. But before she can unzip that jacket and bust into her full Airness potential, she needs the perfect Air name... Roxey Lady? Van Hair-len? Mrs. Rockwell? Aquanet? She can't decide.

So while she's thinking about it, tell us yours!

(click on 'comments' to rock our socks with your most excellent airness)


PoPpYcOcK! said...

You may call me Lady Rocksalot...

Remember kids - friends don't let friends have mullets!

Kaliaboca said...

This is genius! Love the video!

Will said...

Love shack, baby, love shack!