Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Scarlett: I'm so thin and so pale, Mammy. And I haven't got any clothes!

Suddenly she straightens up as she catches a glimpse of the portieres hanging at the windows. She swings around abruptly and walks to them.

Scarlett: (fingering the material) Scoot up to the attic and get Ma's old box of dress patterns, Mammy.

Mammy: Whut you up ter wid Miss Ellen's po'teers?

Scarlett: You're going to make me a new dress.

Mammy: Not outta Miss Ellen's po'teers! Not while Ah got bref in mah body!

Scarlett: Great balls of fire! They're MY portieres now! (She jerks down the portieres, pole and all; drapes the material over her shoulder; turns back to Mammy)

I'm going to Atlanta for that three hundred dollars, and I've got to go looking like Carol Burnett from her Gone With the Wind episode!

Jeremy Scott A/W 08

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jesus todd said...

this one cracks me up big time.