Wednesday, November 10, 2010

well that explains a lot

Now, just so we're clear...

Michael Kors S/S 11

This is a burlap sack accessorized by platform Birkenstocks and chunky wool hiking socks.

By Michael Kors.

That's Birkenstocks with socks.


Michael Kors S/S 11

So, when you said that Gretchen's collection was "where fashion is going," what you really meant was, this is where Michael Kors is going. 

Because we're pretty sure fashion isn't going to spend the summer baking whole wheat bread at an AMC mountain hut.

Michael, that means you're out.

Please leave the runway.

Here's a burlap sack to put your things in.

Michael Kors S/S 11

1 comment:

Misopogon said...

Yeah, Mike. Everyone knows real campers wear Teva's.