Thursday, October 28, 2010

wanna get highlighters?

Back in October 1989, HF decided to dress up as a punk rocker for Halloween. The costume consisted of black leggings, a white t-shirt with some holes cut in it, and three colors of neon hairspray. We also used the hairspray to paint some neon spots on the t-shirt. It totally rocked the second grade.

We suspect the same technique may have been applied here...

Betsey Johnson S/S 11

It's that or highlighters.

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Misopogon said...

Dear Aunt May and Uncle Julien:

Thank you for the wonderful serving ware -- we can't wait to use it. Little Isabel made an absolutely adorable flower girl. Don't worry about the dress -- it was our fault that we left her in the bridal room with her coloring box during the ketubah signing. See you at Thanksgiving! Love, Mr. and Mrs...