Tuesday, October 12, 2010

overheard at isaac mizrahi

Isaac: "Hee hee hee."

Stylist: "Why are you smirking? What have you done?"

Isaac: "You know Karl's collar drawer?"

Stylist: "What drawer?"

Isaac: "You know, Karl Lagerfeld's drawer full of super starched white shirt collars."

Stylist: "Oh, yes, what about it?"

Isaac: "I stole it."

Stylist: "You STOLE it?"

Isaac: "Yes! The whole drawer! And Karl is furious!"

Stylist: "Jesus Christian and Coco, Isaac, I CANNOT know about this. I'll lose my Chanel booking!"

Isaac: "Oh don't blow a zipper. Don't you think it's fabulous? A whole drawer of collars?"

Stylist: "Well you better make them disappear faster than Lindsay Lohan at a rehab clinic, or I quit. You're only vaguely relevant again, you know. I have other clients."

Isaac: "All right, all right. Consider them gone."

Isaac Mizrahi S/S 11

Isaac Mizrahi S/S 11

Isaac Mizrahi S/S 11

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