Monday, April 14, 2008

idle mind, idol sonnet

John Galliano A/W 08

Upon the cheeks a hint of fat did lay,
That monstrous mark of man's mortality,
Until a dev'lish deal did I thus make
That death and wrinkles would I never see.
So traded I the flesh from 'round my face
In bold exchange for endless centuries.
And though some say I've got no human grace,
My laughter far outlasts but all disease.
Until I met a man one midnight hour
Who lighten'd me the error of mine ways,
For gave he flesh for fantasy and power
But mock'rous threads did damn his lustful days.
Thus there was ne'er a tale so wrought with pox
Than that of cheekless Lord Boskeletox.

This post recognizes Ms. Lundahl and the 7th grade Eastern Magnet Program for forcing a then undersized but rather feisty Haute Fuzzer-to-Be to write her first (and prior to this, only) sonnet. Iambic pentameter, HF salutes you!

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Misopogon said...

Surely, France's newfound Ameriphilia wouldn't stop with McDonalds and Sarkozy, but few would have predicted it would go so far as Davy Crockett.