Wednesday, February 6, 2008

this just in

FEBRUARY 6, LONDON-- London officials were baffled yesterday when a collection of five modern artworks disappeared from an exhibition at the Tate Modern in broad daylight. Detectives speculate that the team responsible the master heist was likely a group of highly trained performance art specialty thieves calling themselves "The Exhibitionists," who had both the agile physical skills and high-tech equipment to disable the alarm systems and elude security.

Footage from a hidden security camera revealed that each perpetrator was outfitted with a custom-designed apparatus to affix the art pieces to their heads as hats, allowing them to walk right out the main entrance unnoticed.

Basso & Brooke S/S 08

Says one security guard who asked to remain anonymous, "I just thought there must be a wedding in the area."

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Samii Styles said...

Lol! I love that type of abstract art though. I see its popping up on jewelry and accessories lately.