Thursday, February 21, 2008

and for my next phase

I will perform sublimation!

Because only by foregoing liquids, by vaporizing the fluid transition and reducing visibility... in a place where berets can become baseball caps, and Renaissance priests and poets and zombies and Medieval torture victims and anthropomorphists can all walk together in each other's footsteps... where molecules are not trapped by atmospheric pressure, and the soul is not pressured by atmospheric pressure, and Vanilla Ice knows not the pressures of being under pressure for Under Pressure... where even the most distressed of leathers are not driven over the edge... only there, below the triple point, in a drily icy mysterious shroud of vaporous mist, do the true meanings of my fashion solidify.

Feeling a bit confused? Have a look at Galliano's fall menswear collection. Contains Prince Valiant wigs, fake blood, zombies, torture, animal masks, plot holes and questionable use of a jock strap. Parents strongly cautioned.

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Misopogon said...

The minute they released the costumes we knew The Golden Compass would be a flop.