Tuesday, March 4, 2008

not an ordinary fella

From the waist up, he's all brains...

Romeo Gigli A/W 08

And from the waist down... he's all b-ball playing, hummer driving, hip-hop blasting suburban white boy from 1998 who's been practicing his moves every day after school in a secret abandoned warehouse and now he's got what it takes to step up, stomp the yard, step up 2 and get you served!

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Misopogon said...

Coming Summer 2008: Can't Hardly Wait II

It's been 10 years since Preston, Amanda, Mike Dexter and the whole gang graduated, but when they get together for a reunion, old flings become new flames and high school hijinks return for a whole new round of memories. The entire All-Star Cast returns, along with new faces Scott Baio as Barry Manilow, and Daniel Radcliffe (pictured) as Denise Fleming and Kenny Fisher's love child, Broken Doorknob.