Monday, November 19, 2007

feeling plucky?

Turkeys have over 5,000 feathers, and someone has to pluck 'em! Here are a few tips of the pluckery trade HF has picked up:

  • It is easier to remove the feathers if the bird is dipped in hot water (between 140 degrees and boiling). Once a bird has been sufficiently dunked in hot water, not only will the feathers come off much easier, they will also be easier to handle when damp, since they won't fly around the room and land in your hair.

  • A large washtub is best for dipping the bird. If you do not live on a farm or in the 18th Century and a large washtub is not available, you'll have to improvise. Bathtub perhaps? Jacuzzi? Washing machine? An afternoon in the Turkish bath house? Sure, why not. Let us know how it goes.
  • The large primary wing feathers can be a problem, so it is recommended that you remove the entire wing at the first joint. Then instead of wasting valuable time plucking out those large primary feathers, you can put the wings to better use.

  • After plucking, there still may be small hair-like feathers left on the bird. Burn these off with a match or, for optimal stress relief, a blowtorch.
  • Try not to confuse your relatives with the turkey.

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the cat in the green hat. said...

on my plant it is customary to wear birds as a sign of homage to falcor the air god. maybe she too wishes to pay homage to all things air.

the face on the girl with the things in her hair screams i am ashamed of myself but yet i feel fashionable mixed in a little of 'why don't you love me' and that was not daddy you were kissing earlier.