Thursday, November 8, 2007

and for my next trick

I will orbit Uranus!

Because only in the far reaches of deep space, among the cosmos and New Black holes and hand tooled Italian leathers of Orion's belt... where feathered locks are not weighed down by gravity, and creativity is not saddened by the gravity of gravity, and there are no gravitous faces, or actual gravitousness... where free spirits can float freely, and even the frizziest of fros retains its pompadour swirls... only there are the true meanings, in secret Uranian code, of my fashion revealed.


Misopogon said...

First Russia, then China, now FRANCE? Space is starting to feel a little crowded these days. Godspeed, Pompadour.

PoPpYcOcK! said...

Why does everything today involve things going into or coming out of my ass?!?!

PS- is that a feeding tube or a cathater? I would not want to have diarrhea in that suit.