Monday, July 9, 2007

style on vacay

HF apologizes for neglecting to tell you we were going on vacation last week. Admittedly, thoughts of fashion don'ts were overshadowed by vain attempts to avoid other don'ts--like sand in the suit, sun rash, and over-tanned middle-aged men laying it all out on the beach. And I do mean all.

Someone should also apologize to this poor girl for neglecting to tell her that the designers and seamstresses were going on vacation too--and taking all the fabric, thread, needles, and staplers with them. Which might explain why she was forced to construct an outfit out of trash bags and first aid tape.

They also took the morphine from the first aid kit.

(A sunburnt shlong is a painful sight!)


Joni said...

Derelicte my balls, Capitan.

Misopogon said...

Accessorize with twisty ties and no man will complain about taking this gal out Friday night.