Tuesday, July 31, 2007

history of fashion 101

In the 15th Century women's bodices began to adopt deep V-necks and laced front openings, marking the incorporation of functionality into fashion. Not only did the garments enhance the bosoms and minimize the waist in the most current of styles, but also provided easy access for breastfeeding. Employing a wet nurse at this time was viewed as failure on part of the mother, and so wearing the open-front bodices became a symbol of both haute style and successful maternal status. The child of a breastfeeding mother would not grow up to require a personal nurse or weekly meetings with a priest.

Over the next five centuries bodices evolved dramatically, during which time the relationship between fashion and function experienced both marriage and estrangement.

Likewise, the purposes for which one required unrestricted access to the nipples evolved as well.

Eventually the function of freeing nipples at a moment's notice expanded to menswear.

However, unlike the well-adjusted children of 15th Century breastfeeding mothers, it was widely known that the offspring of nipple-displaying lords would require psychotherapy by the age of 15.

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