Tuesday, November 11, 2008

art imitating life imitating dow

Some say high fashion is out of touch with reality. How then, do you explain the Prada spring show imitating the American stock market over the last two months? And when the collection presented in September, the worst of it hadn't even happened yet. Oh Miuccia... first men's halter tops and now this... always the forward thinker!

Sep 19: Market unstable. Everyone is watching.

Sept 22-26: Market tumbles. Tries to catch itself.

Sept 29: Can't recover. Crash.

Sept 30: Wait, there's talk of a bailout, it's getting back up.

Oct 1: Dow only dropped 20 points today. A bailout's in the works.
We can do this!

Oct 2: Market plummets again.
Government arms desperately fighting for bailout.

Oct 3: Second attempt at government bailout approved.

Market continues to plummet anyway.


just jes said...

aaaaaaaaaaah. i love you.

Leftist Finance said...

my friend you are brilliant like a sparkling glass made out of glass.