Friday, May 30, 2008

where have we been?

That's a darn good question. I don't suppose you'll believe that in February the internet connection here at HF's day job ditched New York winter and took a time-travel vacation to 1994... and liked it so much back there, among the plaid flannels and Doc Martens and parachute pants (hey, wait a minute...) and the gang from West Beverly High that it decided to stay for awhile and live a leisurely 24.4kbps lifestyle for 3 months... and thereby making it impossible for the Fuzz to upload fabulous bad fashion, access photobucket or write posts in any kind of productive manner?

You do believe it??? Wow, you're the best. You've been following the WWJCdCD way of life, haven't you.

Well, in the spirit of believing, we're rewarding you, Gentle Reader, with a free game of Big Buck Hunter! That's right, the favorite arcade game of bowling alleys and NRA members everywhere.

Fashion hunters, prepare for round 1...

Who knew antlers were so stylish?


Jeny said...

I thought that was you! Those Neon Kids can be pretty cool, glad your back though;)

joni said...

words...cannot... desc...ribbbeee